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1645 Luzon earthquake

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Origin time  8:00 PM
Total damage  Unknown
Date  30 November 1645
Magnitude  7.5 Ms
Casualties  600 (?)
1645 Luzon earthquake
Areas affected  Philippines, Central Luzon
Similar  1968 Casiguran earthquake, 1976 Moro Gulf earthquake, 1990 Luzon earthquake, 2012 Visayas earthquake, 2013 Bohol earthquake

The 1645 Luzon earthquake was one of the most destructive earthquakes to hit the Philippines. It occurred on November 30 at about 08:00 PM local time on Luzon Island in the northern part of the country. The island was struck by a 7.5 Ms (surface wave magnitude) tremor produced by the San Manuel and Gabaldon Faults (Nueva Ecija) in the central section of the island.

Aftershocks continued a few days, then on December 4 at 11:00 pm, annother event (allegedly equal or stronger than November 30) hit the area, causing further death and destruction.

In Manila, damage was entirely severe: it almost "crumble" ten newly constructed cathedrals in the capital, residential villas and other buildings. An estimated number of 600 Spanish people were killed, and about 3,000 Spanish were injured.


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