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1587 in art

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1587 in art


  • Statue of Trajan is replaced, by order of Pope Sixtus V, with the statue of Saint Peter on the Column of Trajan.
  • Paintings

  • Matteo Perez d'Aleccio - Saint Christopher (Church of San Miguel, Seville)
  • Francken – Jesus among the Doctors
  • Births

  • May - Esaias van de Velde, Dutch landscape painter (died 1630)
  • December 8 - Martin Ryckaert, Flemish painter (died 1631)
  • date unknown
  • Francesco Allegrini da Gubbio, Italian painter of the Baroque period (died 1663)
  • Matteo Ingoli, Italian painter of the early-Baroque period (died 1631)
  • Claes Jansz. Visscher, Dutch genre painter (died 1652)
  • probable
  • George Jamesone, Scottish portrait painter (died 1644)
  • Filippo Napoletano, Italian artist of diverse paintings of exotic soldiers, skeletons of animals, or cityscapes (died 1629
  • Bartolomé Román, Spanish Baroque painter known for his series of archangels (died 1647)
  • Giovanni Battista Vanni, Italian painter and engraver (died 1660)
  • Deaths

  • September 25 - Giovanni Battista Fontana, Italian painter and engraver (born 1524)
  • date unknown
  • Giovanni Anastasi, Italian painter (born 1540)
  • Lazzaro Calvi, Italian painter who frequently collaborated with his brother (born 1512)
  • Antonio Campi, Italian painter (born 1522)
  • Annibale Fontana, Italian sculptor and medallist (born 1540)
  • Giovanni Battista della Marca, Italian painter (born 1532)
  • Plautilla Nelli, Italian painter (born 1523)
  • Lelio Orsi, Italian Renaissance painter of the Reggio Emilia school (born 1511)
  • Juan Valverde de Amusco, Italian anatomist and engraver (born 1525)
  • probable - Caterina van Hemessen, Flemish Renaissance painter (b. 1528)
  • References

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