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110th Infantry Regiment (United States)

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Active  1873
Allegiance  US
Type  Infantry
Country  United States
Branch  United States Army
Role  light infantry
110th Infantry Regiment (United States)

The 110th Infantry Regiment is a regiment of the United States Army. Its legacy unit, 1st Battalion, 110th Infantry, is a subordinate command of 2nd Brigade, 28th Infantry Division.

The regiment served with the 55th Infantry Brigade, 28th Infantry Division from September 1917 – May 1919, and from 1921–24.

  • Organized and federally recognized 8 June 1921 in the Pennsylvania National Guard at Washington, Pennsylvania as Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 110th Infantry, an element of the 28th Division (later redesignated as the 28th Infantry Division).
  • Inducted into federal service 17 February 1941 at Washington.
  • Inactivated 25 October 1945 at Camp Shelby, Mississippi.
  • Reorganized and federally recognized 12 December 1946 at Washington as Headquarters Company, 110th Infantry.
  • Ordered into active federal service 5 September 1950 at Washington.
  • Headquarters Company, 110th Infantry [NGUS], organized and federally recognized 16 July 1953 at Washington.
  • Released from active federal service 15 June 1954 and reverted to state control; federal recognition concurrently withdrawn from Headquarters Company, 110th Infantry (NGUS).
  • Reorganized and redesignated 1 June 1959 as Headquarters Company, 1st Battle Group, 110th Infantry.
  • Current reorganization as of March 2014

  • Home Station: Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania
  • Company A – Indiana, Pennsylvania
  • Company B – Waynesburg, Pennsylvania
  • Company C – Connellsville, Pennsylvania
  • Company D – Greensburg, Pennsylvania
  • In June 2016, 1st Battalion-110th Infantry Regiment deployed to Jordan, UAE, and Kuwait to train their forces.


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