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1094 Siberia

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Discovery date  12 February 1926
Minor planet category  Main Belt
Discovered  12 February 1926
Discoverer  Sergey Belyavsky
Discovery site  Simeiz Observatory
Alternative names  1926 CB
Observation arc  29505 days (80.78 yr)
Orbits  Sun
Named after  Siberia
Asteroid group  Asteroid belt
Discovered by  Sergei Ivanovich Belyavsky
Aphelion  2.88527 AU (431.630 Gm)
Similar  1001 Gaussia, 114 Kassandra, 85 Io, 258 Tyche, 15 Eunomia

1094 Siberia is a minor planet orbiting the Sun. Initially it received the designation 1926 CB. It is a member of the Eunomia family

1094 Siberia in fiction

1094 Siberia is mentioned briefly in John Varley's science fiction novel Rolling Thunder, where it is described as "an escape-proof prison" of the Republic of Mars.


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