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109 Felicitas

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Discovery date  9 October 1869
Observation arc  146.39 yr (53470 d)
Discovered  9 October 1869
Spectral type  C-type asteroid
Discovery site  Litchfield Observatory
Minor planet category  Main belt
Aphelion  3.4971 AU (523.16 Gm)
Orbits  Sun
Named after  Felicitas
Discovered by  Christian Heinrich Friedrich Peters
Perihelion  1.89658 AU (283.724 Gm)
Discoverer  Christian Heinrich Friedrich Peters
Similar  188 Menippe, 114 Kassandra, 165 Loreley, 196 Philomela, 135 Hertha

109 Felicitas is a dark and fairly large main-belt asteroid. It was discovered by German-American astronomer C. H. F. Peters on October 9, 1869, and named after Felicitas, the Roman goddess of success. The only observed stellar occultation by Felicitas is one from Japan (March 29, 2003).

During 2002, 109 Felicitas was observed by radar from the Arecibo Observatory. The return signal matched an effective diameter of 89 ± 9 km. This is consistent with the asteroid dimensions computed through other means.


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