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107 mm gun M1910

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Type  Field gun
Designer  Schneider
Weight  2,172 kg (4,788 lbs)
Place of origin  Russian Empire
Manufacturer  Putilov
107 mm gun M1910

Wars  World War IRussian Civil War

107-mm gun model 1910 (Russian: 107-мм пушка образца 1910 года) was a Russian field gun of World War I era. The gun was initially developed by the French arms manufacturer Schneider, but afterwards was built by Putilovski Works in Saint Petersburg.

The gun was used in World War I and Russian Civil War. In 1930 an upgraded variant appeared (see 107 mm gun M1910/30). As the modernization didn't address some weaknesses of the design, namely mobility problems and small and slow traverse, a new 107 mm gun (the 107 mm divisional gun M1940 (M-60)) was developed.


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