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1051st Technical and Administrative Services Unit (Ready Reserve)

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1051st Technical & Administrative Services Unit (Ready Reserve)

1 February 2014 - Present

Republic of the Philippines

Armed Forces of the Philippines

Technical Services Reserve Technical Services

Combat Support and Combat Service Support, SAR and CSAR, Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation Operations, Civil-Military Operations and Civil-military Co-operations, Spec-Ops

The 1051st (QUEZON) Technical & Administrative Services Unit, 105th Technical & Administrative Services Group, known officially as First Force Support Unit, is one of two TAS Forward Operating Base Units of the 105th Technical and Administrative Services Group (Reserve) of the AFP Reserve Command, and is based in Quezon City. The unit provides combat support and service support services to the 1502nd Infantry Brigade (Ready Reserve) of the Army Reserve Command.


The unit is a technical service unit, which means it provides various medical, engineering, legal and religious services in support of the various maneuver units of AFP Reserve Force within the area of Quezon City particularly units of the 1502nd Infantry Brigade (Ready Reserve), 15ID(RR), ARESCOM and the 11th Air Force Group (Ready Reserve), 1AFW(R), AFRESCOM.


During the early days 2009 several commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers of the 1502nd Infantry Brigade studied the possibility of raising the actual strength of their unit to full brigade status. With this study came the need to incorporate a service support unit similar to what regular infantry brigades of the Philippine Army had in the field.

LTC SAL G DUMABOK MNSA (GSC) RES PA - deputy brigade commander of the 1502IBDE (RR) instructed then 1LT VIRGILIO S FERRER II (RES) PA to coordinate with the AFP Reserve Command and seek their assistance with the possibility of creating or service detailing a unit of the Technical Services (Reserve) with their reserve unit. Their efforts yielded approval from AFPRESCOM and the 105th Technical and Administrative Services Group under the command of LTC PETER C SUCHIANCO RES (GSC) JAGS authorized the creation of a unit that will provide service support to the 1502nd Brigade.

In 2013 1LT FERRER then decided to pursue a career as a Military Lawyer and resigned his commissioned with the Philippine Army Reserves and was subsequently re-commissioned as a Major with the Reserve Force - AFP Judge Advocate General Corps. By 1 February 2014, the Quezon City TAS Unit was activated with MAJ VIRGILIO S FERRER II (RES) JAGS as its commanding officer and CPT CARLO ANTONIO M BERNABE (RES) MAC as its executive officer.

The initial corps of Non-commissioned Officers of the unit were recruited from inactive status reservists of the Army Reserve Command consisting of 48 Senior Enlisted Personnel. On March 1, 2014, the first batch of 70 reservists candidates started training to become enlisted reservists and eventually will be assigned to this unit after completion of their training.

The first batch of graduates, class "Magtanggol 1", graduated from the Special Basic Citizens Military Training on Sept 13, 2014 and subsequently incorporated in the reserve force AFP and assigned to this unit.

In April 2015, the unit had its first batch of homegrown Commissioned Officers that were added to its roster. These were seasoned NCOs and Enlisted Personnel that were encouraged to step up and become officers.

By August 2015, Class "Matatag Lahi" graduated from their SBCMT training and are awaiting transfer and assignment to this unit.


  • Base for expansion of the Regular Force in the event of war, invasion or rebellion within its AOP.
  • Assist the Government in Relief and Rescue Operations in the event of Calamities or Disasters.
  • Assist the Government in Socio-economic development and environmental concerns.
  • Assist in the operation & maintenance of essential government and private utilities (e.g. power, telecommunications, water).
  • The Commissioned Officer Corps

    Most of the officers of the 1051TASU,105TASG, AFPRESCOM are directly commissioned through AFP Circular Nr. 4 and 6 and may come from any of the following professions, :

  • Lawyers and Paralegal Specialists (Judge Advocate General Service)
  • Medical Doctors (Medical Corps)
  • Nurses (Nurse Corps)
  • Dentists (Dental Service)
  • Veterinarians (Veterinary Corps)
  • Licensed Teachers (Corps of Professors)
  • Allied Medical, Business, and Mass Communication Specialists (Medical Administrative Corps)
  • Licensed Engineers (Corps of Engineers)
  • Ordained Chaplains (Chaplain Service)
  • Organization

    The following are the units that are presently placed under operational control of the 1051st QC Technical & Administrative Services Unit.

    Base Units

  • Headquarters & Headquarters Service Company
  • Attached Units

  • "B" TAS Company
  • "C" TAS Company
  • Operations

  • Disaster SAR, Relief and Rehabilitation Operations (TF Glenda) (16 Jul 14 - 17 Jul 14)
  • Tree Planting CMO Operations (GHQ-AFP) (02 Aug 14 - 06 Sep 14)
  • Medical & Dental Civic Action Program (MEDCAP) (Bgy Pansol, Quezon City) (05 Apr 14)
  • Disaster SAR, Relief and Rehabilitation Operations (TF Mario) (19 Sep 14 - 21 Sep 14)
  • Tree Planting CMO Operations (Bgy UP Village, Quezon City) (21 Sep 14)
  • Security Augmentation Operations (Maginhawa Food Festival) (11 Oct 14)
  • Security Augmentation Operations (75th QC Anniversary Float Parade) (12 Oct 14)
  • Clean-up CMO Operations (Bgy Tumana, Marikina City) (18 Oct 14)
  • Medical & Dental Civic Action Program (MEDCAP) (Bgy Kamuning, Quezon City) (08 Feb 15)
  • AFP JTF-NCR Contingent 2nd Rescue March Challenge (Manila) (26 Apr 15)
  • Brigada Eskwela (ENCAP) (Culiat HS, Quezon City) (18 May 15)
  • Medical & Dental Civic Action Program (MEDCAP) (Bgy Olandes, Marikina City) (25 Jul 15)
  • Medical & Dental Civic Action Program (MEDCAP) (Caloocan City HS, Caloocan City) (02 Aug 15)
  • Medical & Dental Civic Action Program (MEDCAP) (Bgy Nagkaisang Nayon, Quezon City) (05 Sep 15)
  • Medical & Dental Civic Action Program (MEDCAP) (Bgy Tatalon, Quezon City) (12 Sep 15)
  • Miscellaneous Gallery
  • References

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