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1040s in architecture

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1040s in architecture


  • 1040
  • Sant Vicenç de Cardona, Catalonia is completed.
  • Construction of Jumièges Abbey church in Normandy begins.
  • Construction of the third Würzburg Cathedral in the Holy Roman Empire begins.
  • 1045 - Lingxiao Pagoda (凌霄塔) in Zhengding, China is completed.
  • 1048 - Rebuilding of Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem completed.
  • 1049
  • Saint Rémi of Reims Basilica in France is consecrated
  • Iron Pagoda (鐵塔) of Bianjing, China is completed.
  • Abbey Church of Ottmarsheim, Alsace is consecrated.
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