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103rd Regiment (Calgary Rifles)

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Active  1 April 1910 – 1920
Role  Rifle regiment
Country  Canada
Garrison/HQ  Calgary
103rd Regiment (Calgary Rifles)

Branch  Non-Permanent Active Militia
Part of  Military District No. 13 (unbrigaded)

The 103rd Regiment (Calgary Rifles) was an infantry regiment of the Canadian non-permanent militia, organized at Calgary, Alberta, Canada, by General Order on 1 April 1910.


The 103rd Regiment was raised in Calgary as a militia unit. The first commanding officer was Lieutenant-Colonel W.C.G. Armstrong. The regiment's 1st Battalion consisted of eight companies stationed in Calgary.

At the outbreak of World War I the regiment served as a recruiting depot to raise battalions for the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF), the first being the 10th Battalion, CEF. The 103rd Regiment was reorganized into two regiments in 1920 (the Calgary Regiment and the Alberta Regiment), each of which was reorganized into two regiments a few years later.

One of the resulting four regiments (the North Alberta Regiment) was disbanded in the 1936 reorganization of the Militia, but three present-day regiments claim descent from the 103rd: the South Alberta Light Horse, the King's Own Calgary Regiment (RCAC) and the Calgary Highlanders.

Descendants of the 103rd Regiment "Calgary Rifles"


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