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103 (number)

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103  104 →
Factorization  prime
Roman numeral  CIII
Cardinal  one hundred three
Prime  27th
Ordinal  103rd (one hundred and third)

103 (one hundred [and] three) is the natural number following 102 and preceding 104.


In mathematics

103 is the 27th prime number. The previous prime is 101, making them both twin primes. It is also a happy number.

103 is a strictly non-palindromic number.

103 is the smallest prime number in which the period length of its reciprocal is exactly 1/3 of the maximum length.

In science

  • The atomic number of lawrencium, an actinide.
  • In other fields

    When "and" is required for the number name, 103 is the smallest number requiring 18 letters when spelled out in English.

    One hundred three is also:

  • The emergency telephone number for ambulance in Belarus, India and Ukraine
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