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102nd Logistic Brigade (United Kingdom)

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Active  1993–Present
Branch  British Army
Allegiance  United Kingdom
Role  Logistics
102nd Logistic Brigade (United Kingdom)

Garrison/HQ  Princess Royal Barracks, Westfalen Garrison

102 Logistic Brigade’s role is to force generate and force prepare fighting elements, including the Headquarters, globally, for current operations and deliver capability to contingent forces as directed by HQ Force Troops Command in order to support the delivery of operational success.



102 Logistic Brigade traces its origin to 102 Beach Sub-Area, Normandy, France. It was one of 3 such formations raised late in 1943 to run logistic support operations across JUNO Beach, from D-day until the Mulberry artificial harbours were operational. Once the Mulberry harbours were in use, there was no further requirement for the Beach Groups, which then dispersed to their original Lines of Communication roles. In 1993, 50 years after the original formation of 102 Beach Sub Area, Headquarters Combat Service Support Group (Germany) was established in Gütersloh, Germany and this has been the home of Headquarters ever since.

The Balkans

In May 1996 the newly formed organisation deployed to the Balkans on Operation Resolute as the United Kingdom National Support Element. This was part of the NATO intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The HQ and Brigade units also deployed to Kosovo in 1999 on Operation Agricola.

Adoption of the Halberd

In July 1999 the formation was re-titled 102 Logistic Brigade and in October 1999 the Halberd was officially adopted as the formation tactical recognition flash. The Halberd appears in Jeremiah as a symbol of strength, success and restoration. Its interpretation as a restorer of combat power following bloodshed, exhaustion and hunger reflects the operational role of 102 Logistic Brigade. The dual capability of the Halberd, both as a weapon and a hand tool represents the combination of artisan and technical skills, which complement the military training of Brigade personnel.


The HQ and elements of 102 Logistic Brigade formed the Joint Force Logistic Component for Operation Telic 1 in Kuwait and the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The HQ returned to Iraq on Operation Telic 8 in 2006.


HQ 102 Logistic Brigade has deployed in support to the war in Afghanistan on Operation Veritas in 2002, and on Operation Herrick as the Joint Force Support Headquarters in 2008, 2010 and 2012. The units of 102 Logistic Brigade have also deployed on numerous tours of Afghanistan during this period.


  • Brigadier GA Ewer CBE
  • Brigadier RE Ratazzi CBE
  • Brigadier JS Kerr
  • Brigadier CM Steirn CBE (late (late RLC)
  • Brigadier SP Cowlam MBE
  • Brigadier DJ Shouesmith
  • Brigadier MW Poffley OBE (Late RLC)
  • Brigadier J McN R Henderson (late REME)
  • Brigadier RMB Nitsch MBE (late REME)
  • Brigadier E McLay (late REME)
  • Brigadier DP Amison OBE (late RLC)
  • Brigadier DJ Eastman MBE (late REME)
  • Current organisation

    Under the Army Regular Basing Announcement and the Reserve Basing Announcement, the Brigade changed its composition in line with the Army 2020 formation. By 2020 the Brigade will comprise the following units. As of 27 February 2015 it was placed under operational control of 1st (United Kingdom) Division. A written statement in December 2016 stated that its headquarters will be rationalised, with all manpower in this unit being redeployed to other areas of the British Army.

  • 102 Logistic Brigade in Grantham
  • 6 Logistic Regiment Royal Logistic Corps in Dishforth
  • 150 Transport Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps in Hull (Army Reserve – paired with 6 Logistic Regiment)
  • 7 Logistic Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps in Cottesmore
  • 158 Transport Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps in Peterborough (Army Reserve – paired with 7 Logistic Regiment)
  • 159 Supply Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps in Coventry (Army Reserve)
  • 2 Medical Regiment in North Luffenham
  • 3 Medical Regiment in Preston
  • 1 Close Support Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers in Catterick
  • 102 Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers in Newton Aycliffe (Army Reserve – paired with 1 Close Support Battalion)
  • 2 Close Support Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers in Leuchars
  • 106 Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers in East Kilbride (Army Reserve – paired with 2 Close Support Battalion)
  • Under 102 Logistic Brigade but paired with units of 101 Logistic Brigade:
  • 225 (Scottish) Medical Regiment in Dundee (Army Reserve)
  • 253 (North Irish) Medical Regiment in Sunderland (Army Reserve)
  • 254 (East of England) Medical Regiment in Cambridge (Army Reserve)
  • 101 Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers in Wrexham (Army Reserve – paired with 6 Armoured Close Support Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)
  • 104 Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers in Northampton (Army Reserve – paired with 5 Force Support Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)
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