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102nd Infantry Regiment (France)

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Active  1677-
Branch  French Army
Role  Infantry of the Line
Country  France
Type  Regiment of Infantry
Garrison/HQ  .
102nd Infantry Regiment (France)

The 102nd Infantry Regiment (French: 102e Régiment d'Infanterie, 102e RI) was an infantry regiment of the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars.


French Royal Army

Its ancestor regiments were the Infantry Regiment of the Line Le Dauphin (Nr. 29) and Royal-Deux Ponts (Nr 99). The Regiment was raised in 1667 by Michel De Fisicat, as Le Dauphin (nr. 29) and on 26 April 1775 split into two regiments. The 1st and 3rd battalions retained the old title and number and the 2nd and rth battalions became the new Infantry Regiment Perche (Nr 30).


Initially, the Regiment served in the Army of the Center, at Metz. Following the Battle of Valmy on 20 September 1792, the Regiment was assigned to the Army of the Ardennes. In 1793, the Regiment saw action in the Meuse campaign. In 1794, it underwent its first amalgamation (17 May), under the Levée en Masse, and became the 2nd battalion 59th Demi-Brigade of Battle, with the 4th battalion, Volunteers of Paris, also called 'l'Oratoire and the 7th battalion of the Rhône-et-Loire, in the Army of the Moselle.

In 1797, the Regiment was part of the Armée de Sambre-et-Meuse. In 1798, as part of the Army of Germany and the Army of Mayence (Mainz), the Regiment saw action in the Rhineland. In 1799, as part of the Army of Mayence, it was transferred to the Army of the Danube, under the general command of Jean-Baptiste Jourdan; the Regiment was part of the I Division, under the immediate command of Pierre Marie Barthélemy Ferino, and participated in action at the Battle of Ostrach (20–21 March 1799), and the Battle of Stockach, 25–26 March 25–26, 1799. On 25 September 1799, the regiment fought at the Battle of Zurich.

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War Of The Third Coalition

Battle of Austerlitz

War of the Fourth Coalition

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The Peninsular war

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The Morea expedition

1828 : Expédition de Morée


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