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1001 1011 Jefferson Street

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Status  Approved
Completed  (est. 2018–2020)
Type  Mixed-use
1001-1011 Jefferson Street

Former names  1001-1011 Jefferson Street
Location  1001-1011 Jefferson Street Wilmington, Delaware
Owner  1001-1011 Jefferson Street. L.L.C. Colonial Parking Properties L.L.C.

1001-1011 Jefferson Street is a 155-meter (509 ft) Approved skyscraper in Wilmington, Delaware. It will be Wilmington's first skyscraper above 500 feet (150 m). Its site is located across the street from WFSF Bank Headquarters and is 2 minutes from I-95. The tower will feature 35 stories of mixed-use space. The skyscraper was originally proposed in 2013 and approved in late 2015. The tower will connect to an existing nine-story parking garage and a 10-story vacant office building. If this tower is built, it will become Wilmington and Delaware's new tallest building – surpassing the 104-meter (341 ft), 27-story River Tower at Christina Landing. As of 2016, the tower's site appears to be getting prepared for construction and if this tower gets built, it is estimated to be completed somewhere around 2018–2020. This will be the tallest structure in the state of Delaware.


Colonial Parking is a company that reserves and operates parking lots and garages in downtown Wilmington, Delaware, and at the Philadelphia International Airport. In 2013 Colonial Parking proposed to turn six of their parking lots in Wilmington into some skyscrapers with parking garages underneath or next to them. 1001-1011 Jefferson Street is the tallest tower proposed by them.

Soon after in late 2015, the skyscraper was approved. In 2016, the site has started to prepare for the new tower, which will rise 508 feet and have 35 stories of mixed-use space such as offices, apartments, condos, retail space, and a 9-story parking garage. It is estimated to be completed anywhere between 2018 and 2020. This will surpass the current tallest building in Wilmington by 168 ft.


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