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1000 Ways to Die (season 4)

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The TV show 1000 Ways to Die aired on the cable channel Spike, New episodes were supposed to air on Monday nights at 10/9C, beginning on March 12, 2012, with the Season 4 premiere.


Episode 67: Enter the Ferret

Aired March 12, 2012

From this episode on, deaths are redisplayed in the 2-2-2-1 format with commercial breaks, and the informational segments during commercials were removed.

Title reference: A spoof of the popular 1973 film Enter the Dragon that ties in a ferret-related event in this episode (See "Way to Die #780).

Episode 68: Think Globally, Die Locally

Aired March 19, 2012. This is the final episode to have Ron Perlman as narrator. From the next episode to the finale, Joe Irwin is credited as the narrator.

Title reference: A pun on the saying "Think globally, act locally".

Episode 69: Tweets From the Dead

Aired March 26, 2012. Joe Irwin replaced Ron Perlman as narrator beginning with this episode. Note: This is the seventh and final episode not to feature the death of a female.

Title references: Twitter messages.

Episode 70: A New App Called Death

Aired April 2, 2012

Title reference: Smartphone mobile applications (known as "apps" for short).

Episode 71: Death Certificates

Aired July 15, 2012

Episode 72: Crying Over Spilled Blood

Aired July 15, 2012

Title reference: A play-on of the phrase "Crying Over Spilled Milk".

Episode 73: It's a Dead, Dead, Dead World

Aired July 15, 2012

Title reference: Spoofs the title of the 1963 comedy film It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

Episode 74: Death, The Final Frontier

Aired July 15, 2012

Title reference: A spoof of the Star Trek quote "Space, The Final Frontier." Note: This is the series finale.


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