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100 (play)

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First performance
1 August 2002

Written by
Neil Monaghan, Diene Petterle, Christopher Heimann

KetuSophieAlexThe GuideNiaPhil (not original character)

Date premiered
August 1, 2002 (2002-08-01)

Place premiered
Smirinoff Underbelly Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland

The top 100 plays of the 16 17 nfl season

100 is a play produced by the theatrical company "TheImaginaryBody" for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It first appeared at the 2002 festival, where it won a Fringe First Award for 'innovation in theatre and outstanding new production'. Since then, it has played at a variety of venues around the world, including the Soho Theatre in London and the du Maurier Theatre in Toronto.


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Plot summary

The play centers on the afterlives of four characters who, finding themselves in a mysterious 'Void', are informed by the equally enigmatic Guide that they must choose one memory from their lives in which to spend eternity. The remainder of the play follows their individual memories and searches for self-knowledge. Although heralded at the time as new, the premise of the play is, in fact, quite similar to that of Japanese director Hirokazu Koreeda's 1998 film 'After Life', in which the concept was less stylized.

Original Cast

  • Jahmiy lamey - Ketu
  • Hollie Freeman/Louise Dilley - Sophie
  • Kyle Biggs - Alex
  • Ashleigh Boyce/ Emily Armstrong - Nia
  • Nemiya Berlin/James Cox - Guide
  • ---Producer - Claire Wright-

    Secondary Cast

  • Matthew Wilson - Ketu
  • Bethany Jackson - Sophie
  • Huw Smallwood - Phil
  • George Hardcastle - Alex
  • Ruby Barker - Nia
  • Joel Britton - Guide
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