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100 (Dear Jane album)

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Released  August 27, 2006
Label  See Music Limited
Release date  27 August 2006
Length  36:57
Artist  Dear Jane
Genres  Punk rock, Pop punk

100, Dear Jane's debut album, was released on August 27, 2006. The name "100" is because of the 100 shows they played prior to releasing the album. Their 101st show was on September 17, 2006.

This album also came with a DVD with some of the band's MVs and a documentary.

Track listing

  1. "放大假'
  2. "黑仔"
  3. "穿梭機"
  4. "空中小姐"
  5. "一步"
  6. "初哥 (Special Feature 黃貫中 Guitar Solo)"
  7. "後備王"
  8. "梳化"
  9. "男兒當打交"
  10. "Find My Way"
  11. "黑仔 (Acoustic Version)"


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