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100% te ljubam

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Macedonian, English


Final result

Dragan Karanfilovski Bojs

Orče Zafirovski, Vlado Janevski

"100% te ljubam" (Macedonian Cyrillic: 100% те љубам (pronounced: Sto posto te ljubam); English: I love you 100%) was the Macedonian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2000, performed in Macedonian and English by XXL. The song was written by Orce Zafirofski and Dragan Karanfilovski, and composed by Karanfilovski.

The song is an up-tempo number, with the girls confessing to a man that they love him totally. The nature of the man is somewhat ambiguous, as the first verse suggests that they are in physical contact ("Tonight I will get him, I will whisper in his ear"), while later lyrics suggest that the man's infatuation is closer to that of a fan for a celebrity ("cut my photo from a magazine and frame it").

Versions of the song were recorded in both Macedonian and English, with the Anglophone recording featuring the mispronunciation of "Hundred" as "Hun-derd".

As performed on the night, the four girls wore tight multicoloured clothing and had a dance routine - as was increasingly becoming the fashion at the Contest. The song was performed nineteenth on the night (following Sweden's Roger Pontare with "When Spirits Are Calling My Name" and preceding Finland's Nina Åström with "A Little Bit"). At the close of voting, it had received 29 points, placing 15th in a field of 24.

Due to the poor result, Macedonia was ineligible to compete in the 2001 Contest, but were readmitted the following year. Thus, the song was succeeded as Macedonian representative at the 2002 contest by Karolina with "Od nas zavisi".

A promo CD single was issued, with both Macedonian and English language versions of the song. The enhanced multimedia format included two videos of the song in Macedonian and English, and a video of the live performance at the Skopje Festival. Also included was an instrumental version of the song. The multimedia presentation also included "Karaoke", with the lyrics available in Macedonian and English. Additionally, a photo album of 26 photographs were included.


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