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100% d'amour

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Pascal Stive

Sophie Carle

Jean-Pierre Goussaud

Jean-Michel Beriat, Patrick James

"100% d'amour" (English translation: "100% of love") was the Luxembourgish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1984, performed in French by 19-year-old musical newcomer Sophie Carle. Despite Luxembourg's storied history in the Contest, which included five wins at that point, Carle was only the fourth singer to represent Luxembourg who was native to the Grand Duchy, the three previous being Solange Berry in 1958, Camillo Felgen in 1960 and 1962 and Monique Melsen in 1971.

The song is a ballad, with Carle asking to be given "100% of love" to maintain her sanity in the modern world. During the live performance, Carle allegedly had trouble keeping her own harmony over her loud keyboard and drum machine accompaniments, which led to a largely off-key performance.

The song was performed second on the night (following Sweden's Herreys with "Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley" and preceding France's Annick Thoumazeau with "Autant d'amoureux que d'├ętoiles"). At the close of voting, it had received 39 points, placing 10th in a field of 19.

The relatively unsuccessful representation by Carle on home turf caused her to place her singing career on permanent hiatus. Instead, Carle pursued an acting career, in which she is still active as of 2008.

It was succeeded as Luxembourgish representative at the 1985 Contest by Margo, Franck Oliver, Diane Solomon, Ireen Sheer, Malcolm and Chris Roberts with "Children, Kinder, Enfants".


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