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10.5 cm Cannon Model 1927

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Type  Heavy field gun
In service  1927-1945
Designer  Bofors
Place of origin  Sweden
Wars  World War II
Used by  Sweden  Netherlands  Nazi Germany  Hungary

The 10.5 cm Cannon Model 1927 was a heavy field gun used by the Netherlands and Hungary during World War II. Dutch guns were known as the 10-veld. Hungary purchased a license and built them as the 31 M. Captured weapons were designated by the Wehrmacht as the schwere 10.5 cm Kanone 335(h). Four were bought by the Swedish coastal artillery as the 10.5 cm kanon m/27. They were later upgraded to m/34 standard as the m/27-34. They were transferred to the field artillery in 1942. The Dutch appear to have bought guns with both 40 and 42 caliber barrel lengths.

The gun was designed for motor traction with spoked steel wheels with rubber rims. The spades were removed and placed onto the trail legs for transport.


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