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10 cm K 04

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Type  Field gun
In service  1905-1918/1915-1945
Designer  Krupp
Place of origin  German Empire
Wars  World War I
10 cm K 04

Used by  German Empire  Bulgaria

The 10 cm Kanone 04 (10 cm K 04) was a field gun used by Germany in World War I. It was the second heavy gun with modern recoil system accepted by the German Army. It was produced as a replacement for the 10 cm K 99 and the Lang 15 cm Kanone 92. Although the standard version lacked a gunshield, some models, such as the 10 cm K 04/12, were fitted with a special gunshield and some other minor modifications. There was only 32 in service at the outbreak of the war.

It could be transported in one load by a team of six horses, or it could be broken down into 2 loads (tandem hitches) for crossing rough terrain.


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