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10 Great Songs (Pat Benatar album)

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Pat Benatar

Capitol Records

Release date
16 November 2009

Arena rock, Power pop

Greatest Hits, Best Shots, Pat Benatar Ultimate, Precious Time, Synchronistic Wanderings

10 Great Songs is an album focused on American rock musician Pat Benatar. A best-of collection released on November 16, 2009 by the record label EMI Gold, it feature, as the title indicates, ten tracks by the artist. The album focuses on Benatar's commercial peak of success from 1979 to 1985.


Tracks "Heartbreaker" and "I Need a Lover" came from Benatar's 1979 debut In the Heat of the Night. "Hell Is for Children", "Hit Me with Your Best Shot", "Treat Me Right", and "You Better Run" all came from her sophomore album, Crimes of Passion, which was released in August 1980. 1982's Get Nervous provided "Shadows of the Night", 1983's Live from Earth provided "Love Is a Battlefield", and 1984's Tropico provided "We Belong". Finally, song "Invincible" came from 1985's Seven the Hard Way. Interestingly, Benatar's third album, 1981's Precious Time, was bypassed entirely.

A mixed yet supportive review was published by Allmusic, with music critic Steve Leggett stating that the "brief set" has been "honed down to the very bones of things". However, Leggett also remarked that the artist's "biggest tracks are all here" while praising Benatar's sound.

Track listing

  1. "Heartbreaker" - Geoff Gill/Clint Wade - 3:27
  2. "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" - Eddie Schwartz - 2:50
  3. "Shadows of the Night" - D.L. Byron - 3:41
  4. "I Need a Lover" - John Mellencamp - 3:28
  5. "We Belong" - Eric Lowen/Dan Navarro - 3:41
  6. "Love Is a Battlefield" - Mike Chapman/Holly Knight - 4:11
  7. "Hell Is for Children" - Pat Benatar/Roger Capps/Neil Giraldo - 4:50
  8. "You Better Run" - Eddie Brigati/Felix Cavaliere - 3:04
  9. "Treat Me Right" - Pat Benatar/Doug Lubahn - 3:13
  10. "Invincible" - Simon Climie/Holly Knight - 4:10


2Hit Me with Your Best Shot
3Shadows of the Night


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