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1 Polish, 2 Biscuits and a Fish Sandwich

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Released  30 November 1994
Producer  Lamar "Hula" Malone
Artist  The Outhere Brothers
Label  FLEX Records
Recorded  1994
1 Polish, 2 Biscuits & a Fish Sandwich(1994)  The Party Album(1996)
Release date  30 November 1994
Genres  Hip hop music, Eurodance
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1 Polish, 2 Biscuits & a Fish Sandwich is the debut album of hip-hop duo The Outhere Brothers, released in 1994. It peaked at #56 on the UK Albums Chart. There are multiple versions of the album released each with different covers and modified/different track listings. The album's title is a reference to a penis, buttocks, and a vagina. The group's following LP "The Party Album" contained 'clean' versions of many of the tracks here, with alternative 'radio-friendly' lyrics.


UK Track listing

  1. "I Miss You"
  2. "Don't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle)"
  3. "Boom Boom Boom"
  4. "La La La Hey Hey"
  5. "Bring That Ass Over Here"
  6. "I Want My Shit Back"
  7. "Les Be In Luv"
  8. "Let Me Be The One"
  9. "On My Mind"
  10. "Pass The Toilet Paper"
  11. "Orgasm"
  12. "Outhere Brothers Theme Song"
  13. "Golden Shower"
  14. "Phat Phat Phat"
  15. "Interlude The Halle Jones Show"
  16. "I'll Lick Your Pussy"
  17. "Fuk U In The Ass (Bend Over Mix)"

Bonus Tracks on Alternative Versions

  1. "I Wanna"
  2. "What Up?"
  3. "I Wanna P"
  4. "Chi Town People"
  5. "Phat Phat Phat" (Where Dey At Mix)
  6. "Players Get Lonely"
  7. "Boom Boom Boom" (Smooth Mix)
  8. "Oh Shit!" (New Zealand bonus track)
  • Studio: The Playroom
  • Songs

    1Don't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle)4:46
    2Fuk U in the Ass (Pegasus radio)4:23
    3I'll Lick Your Pussy2:32


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