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1 February 2010 Baghdad bombing

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Target  Multiple
Non-fatal injuries  117
Start date  February 1, 2010
Suspected perpetrator  Al-Qaeda
Deaths  approx 54
Suspected perpetrators  Al-Qaeda
Location  Baghdad, Iraq
Attack type  Suicide attack
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The 1 February 2010 Baghdad Bombings was a suicide bombing in Baghdad Iraq which killed at least 54 people, and wounded another 100. The attack was aimed at a group of Shia pilgrims walking to a religious festival.


The female suicide bomber blew herself up at a rest stop along the route the pilgrims were taking to a Shia religious festival held in Karbala. The rest stop had a security search area, which is where the bomber detonated her explosives belt. There was a similar attack on the same pilgrims last year, which killed 40.


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