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1 Bromonaphthalene

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Appearance  colorless liquid
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1-Bromonaphthalene is an organic compound with the formula C10H7Br. It is one of two isomeric bromonaphthalenes, the other being 2-bromonaphthalene. This colorless liquid is used as a precursor to various substituted derivatives of naphthalene.

Synthesis and reactions

It is prepared by treatment of naphthalene with bromine:

C10H8 + Br2 → C10H7Br + HBr

The compound exhibits many reactions typical of aryl bromides. Bromide can be displaced by cyanide to give the nitrile. It forms a Grignard reagent and organolithiuim compound. 1-Lithionaphthalene can be further lithiated to give 1,8-dilithionaphthalene, a precursor to peri-naphthalene compounds.


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