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1 Arietis

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Magnitude  6.2
Constellation  Aries
Similar  Gamma Arietis, Beta Arietis, 30 Arietis

1 Arietis is a double star in the northern constellation of Aries. 1 Arietis is the Flamsteed designation. The pair have a combined visual magnitude of 5.86, making it faintly visible to the naked eye. Based upon an annual parallax shift of 5.57 mas, the distance to the two stars is approximately 590 light-years (180 parsecs). The brighter component is a magnitude 6.40 giant star with a stellar classification of K1 III. The companion star, at an angular separation of 2.873 arcseconds from the primary, is a magnitude 7.20 A-type main sequence star with a classification of A6 V.


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