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1,2 Difluorobenzene

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Molar mass  114.093 g/mol
Density  1.16 g/cm³
Appearance  colorless liquid
Formula  C6H4F2
Solubility in water  1.14 kg/m³
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1,2-Difluorobenzene, also known as DFB, is an aromatic compound with formula C6H4F2. This colorless liquid is a solvent used in the electrochemical studies of transition metal complexes.



1,2-Difluorobenzene is prepared by a simple substitution reaction of fluorine with fluorobenzene.

C6H5F + F2 → C6H4F2 + HF

The 1,4-isomer and small amounts of the 1,3-isomer are also produced in the reaction as the fluorine group on the aromatic ring of fluorobenzene is ortho- and para- directing.


1,2-Difluorobenzene has been used as solvent for the electrochemical analysis of transition metal complexes. It is relatively chemically inert, weakly coordinating, and has a dielectric constant high enough to dissolve many electrolytes and metal complex salts. It is used as a weakly coordinating solvent for metal complexes, alternative to the relatively more strongly coordinating solvents acetonitrile, DMSO, and DMF.

1,2-Difluorobenzene can be acylated to 3',4'-difluoropropiophenone, which has interesting application in the synthesis of halogenated cathinone/PPA congeners.


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