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TLD type
Country code top-level domain

Ministry of Communications, Posts & Telegraphs

Intended use
Entities connected with  Myanmar

.mm is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Myanmar (officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar). It was assigned in 1997. Prior to 1989, the ISO 3166 alpha-2 code for Burma was BU, but no .bu ccTLD was assigned.


A company run by two Australian expatriates in Myanmar, Eagle Group, set up the first Internet access to Myanmar in 1997. They contracted with British company called Digiserve based in High Wycombe, United Kingdom, to provide DNS services for .mm. All .mm DNS queries were handled by Digiserve's two name servers acting as root name servers for .mm, ns1.digiserve.com and ns2.digiserve.com respectively. In 1999, Eagle Group's service was shut down by the Burmese government.

Afterwards, these two servers then delegated the SOA authority of .com.mm, .net.mm, .edu.mm and org.mm TLDs to the two name servers managed by Myanmar Posts and Telecommuncations, ns0.mpt.net.mm and ns1.mpt.net.mm, both servers were located in Yangon.

In February 2002, the DigiServe DNS servers were hacked by pro-democracy activists, which resulted in the traffic to all .mm domain names including www.gov.mm being redirected to a website demanding the release of famous student leader Min Ko Naing for a period of three days.

In the beginning of 2005, MPT finally retook management control of .mm name space and replaced Digiserve nameservers with their own.

Business in Myanmar can register for domain names within the .net.mm and .com.mm zones through Myanmar Teleport (formerly Bagan Cybertech) or from Myanmar Post & Telecomms directly. .edu.mm, .org.mm, .gov.mm domain names are reserved for official and government use. There is no whois service provided.

Again, Myanmar Teleport's (formerly Bagan Cybertech) service was also shut down by the Burmese government. Now, only government-owned Myanmar Post & Telecomms controls all the services for internet and email.


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