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Introduced  September 2, 2014
Registry  FRLregistry B.V.
Status  Active
Website  .FRL
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Intended use  Entities connected with  Friesland
Structure  Registrations are taken directly at the second level

.frl is the Internet top-level domain for Frisia. .frl domain names are issued by FRLregistry B.V., which is responsible for the top-level domain '.frl'. On September 1, 2014 the delegation took place and .frl was established. On September 2 is the first .frl domain nic.frl went online.

.fy April Fools' Day joke

.fy is a fictional top-level domain of Friesland, as provided on April 1, 2006 as an April Fools' Day joke by the equally fictitious Stichting Internet Domeinnammeregistraasje Fryslân (SIDF).

The reason for its own top-level domain was because it was felt that information in the Frisian language had to be offered from domains where it could be read from the domain name that it was Frisian information.


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