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.577 Snider

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Type  military
Used by  British
Bullet diameter  .570 in (14.5 mm)
Place of origin  Britain
Produced  1867
Neck diameter  .602 in (15.3 mm)
.577 Snider

The .577 Snider cartridge was a British black powder metallic cartridge, which fired a 14.7-millimetre (0.577 in), 31-gram (480 gr) lead projectile, primarily used in the Snider–Enfield rifle.

Early .577 Snider cartridges were made from paper, with a metallic base and primer, but later commercial cartridges were made from drawn brass, much like modern small arms ammunition. The .577 Snider cartridge was eventually replaced in service by the .577/450 Martini–Henry cartridge in the 1870s. The .577 Snider cartridge is considered by most commentators to be obsolete, with large scale commercial production having ceased in the 1930s. However, as of 2012, cases, bullets and cartridges as well as others of the .577 family are available from Tenbury Guns Limited in the United Kingdom. New brass can be formed from a 24 gauge hull and reloading dies are available from Lee. As of 2015, Kynamco in the United Kingdom and Bertram in Australia are also producing ready-made brass.


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