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.38 72 Winchester

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Type  Rifle
Produced  1895 to 1936
Place of origin  United States
Case type  rimmed
.38-72 Winchester
Designer  Winchester Repeating Arms Company
Manufacturer  Winchester Repeating Arms Company

The .38-72 Winchester, also known as .38-72 WCF is a rimmed, bottleneck centerfire rifle cartridge introduced in 1895 for the Winchester 1895 lever-action rifle.

Description and Performance

The original Winchester factory load consisted of a 275-grain (17.8 g) bullet at 1,480 ft/s (450 m/s). This straight-walled cartridge case was designed for black powder rather than smokeless powder.

Besides the Winchester 1895 lever-action, the .38-72 WCF was chambered in the Winchester 1885 single-shot rifle.

With the introduction of superior cartridges designed for smokeless powder, the .38-72 WCF became obsolete and was soon dropped as an optional caliber for the Winchester Model 1895 and 1885 Production of loaded cartridges by Winchester ceased in 1936.


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