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.375 Whelen

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Type  Rifle
Designer  L.R. "Bob" Wallack
Parent case  .30-06 Springfield
Place of origin  United States
Designed  1951
200 gr (13 g) SP  2,450 ft/s (750 m/s)

The .375 Whelen cartridge (A.K.A. 375-06) was developed in 1951 by L.R. "Bob" Wallack and named in honor of Colonel Townsend Whelen. It is a .30-06 Springfield case necked up to .375. While the .375 Whelen retains the .30-06's shoulder angle of 17° 30′, an improved version was introduced with a 40°  angle, providing more case capacity as well as better headspacing. The .375 Whelen Improved is favored by most.


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