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.340 Weatherby Magnum

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Type  Rifle
Designer  Roy Weatherby
Manufacturer  Weatherby
Place of origin  United States
Designed  1962
Produced  1963 to present
.340 Weatherby Magnum

The .340 Weatherby Magnum rifle cartridge was introduced in 1963 by creator Roy Weatherby in response to the .338 Winchester Magnum. The .340 Weatherby Magnum uses the same .338 in. diameter bullets as the .338 Winchester Magnum but it does so at greater velocity than its Winchester competition. Reloaders may have trouble matching the published Weatherby velocities as Weatherby factory ammunition is loaded to maximum specifications. Weatherby no longer loads the 250gr. round-nose cartridge pictured but continues to load the 250 gr. Spire Point and 250 gr. Nosler Partition. Weatherby has also expanded their factory loads including Nosler Ballistic-tip and Barnes TSX bullets complementing the powerful cartridge. Currently A-square is the only other factory ammunition producer of the .340 Weatherby Magnum which has led to limited popularity of the caliber. In field tests the .340 clearly out performs the 300 Ultra mag, .338 win mag. and even rivals the larger .375 H&H, providing a much flatter shooting and harder hitting performance.

This cartridge is powerful enough for even the largest North American game and is suitable for most African game as well.


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