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.240 Apex

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Type  Rifle
Designer  Holland & Holland
Manufacturer  Holland & Holland
Place of origin  England
Designed  1920
Variants  .240 Flanged

The .240 Holland & Holland Magnum (also known as the .240 Apex, .240 Belted Nitro Express, .240 Magnum Rimless, or .240 Super Express) is a centrefire sporting rifle cartridge developed in England in the 1920s, primarily for use in hunting deer and plains game. This round has always been closely associated with the firm of Holland & Holland, rifle and gun makers of London, England, which has built more magazine and double rifles in this calibre than anyone else. A rimmed variant of this cartridge, known as the .240 Magnum Flanged, was developed for use in double rifles.


The ballistic performance of the .240 H&H in factory loads is very similar to that of the .243 Winchester, with a 100-grain (6.5 g) bullet giving a muzzle velocity of approximately 2,900 feet per second (880 m/s). When it is loaded at the same pressure as the .243 WSSM using modern powders, the .240 H&H has the potential for slightly better performance.

WARNING: Do NOT reload this ammunition with .243 bullets. It NEEDS .245 bullets

Most bolt-action rifles made for the .240 H&H will be amply strong enough to handle handloaded cartridges at high pressure.


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