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.224 32 FA

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Type  Revolver
Designer  Freedom Arms, Inc.
Parent case  .327 Federal
Place of origin  United States
Designed  2009
Case type  Rimmed, bottleneck

The .224-32 FA is a proprietary cartridge designed in 2009 by Freedom Arms, Inc. for use in their Model 97 revolver. The .224-32 FA was designed to provide a high-performance .22 caliber centerfire cartridge that would work in a revolver, and is capable of taking varmints and predators up to the size of coyotes.

Firearms chambered for .224-32 FA

Currently (2011) there is only one factory chambered firearm in .224-32 FA, the Freedom Arms Model 97 revolver. It has a six shot cylinder, adjustable rear sights, and barrel lengths available in 4¼", 5½", 7½", and 10".


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