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.22 Winchester Centerfire

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Type  Rifle
Produced  1885 to 1936
Bullet diameter  .228 in (5.8 mm)
Place of origin  United States
Case type  Rimmed, bottleneck
Neck diameter  .241 in (6.1 mm)

.22 Winchester Centerfire (.22 WCF) is a small centerfire cartridge introduced in 1885 for use in the Winchester Model 1885 single-shot rifle. Factory manufacture of ammunition was discontinued in 1936. The .22 WCF was loaded with a 45 grain bullet with a muzzle velocity of about 1550 feet per second, similar to the performance of the .22 Winchester Rimfire (.22 WRF) designed in 1890.

Experimentation with the .22 WCF among civilian wildcatters and the U.S. military at Springfield Armory in the 1920s led to the development of the .22 Hornet cartridge.


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