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...I Believe in Humility

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Released  November 20, 2005
Label  cleanXcut Records
Artist  Gwen Stacy
Length  31:17
...I Believe in Humility (2005)  Demos 2006 (2006)
Release date  20 November 2005
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Genres  Metalcore, Christian music

...I Believe in Humility is the first release by American metalcore band Gwen Stacy in 2005.

This freshman release from Gwen Stacy on cleanXcut records, a five piece hardcore band from Indianapolis, Indiana is intense. Amazing talent is displayed throughout the entire album. Riveting breakdowns and a persistent attack of hardcore beats make this band one to be emulated. With one East Coast tour under their belt, Gwen Stacy has shared the stage with such bands as, Embrace Today, Seventh Star, In the Face of War, Calico System, Fight Paris and many others. They are the next generation of quality hardcore music.

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This album was re-released in its entirety as bonus tracks on the digital re-release of 'The Life I Know"


2The Way it Should Be3:07
3All Those Who Are Flawless - Ra4:15


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