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The combining form -kinesis, from Greek κίνησις, "movement, motion," denotes movement, being the suffix form of the word kinesis.

  • Cytokinesis, the step of cell division following telophase of mitosis, when the cytoplasm is divided into two of roughly equal proportion to the two new daughter cells. This ensures there will be enough organelles for each of the new cells.
  • Chemokinesis, chemically prompted kinesis of unicellular organisms.
  • Diakinesis, the last stage of prophase of mitosis, in which the nucleolus and nuclear envelope disappear, spindle fibers form, and the chromosomes shorten in preparation for anaphase.
  • Interkinesis, a pause between two phases of meiosis.
  • Karyokinesis refers specifically to the division and replication of the nucleus.
  • Photokinesis, a movement made in response to/enabled by the presence of light.
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