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ista (suffix)

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-ista is a suffix that denotes a specialist or performer of a certain topic, or an advocate of a belief. It is a regular suffix in Romance languages. It is infrequently used in English, which typically uses the suffix -ist for this purpose.

  • Baptista (disambiguation), a name
  • Barista, a person who serves coffee
  • Calista (disambiguation), a place or name
  • Callista (disambiguation), a genus of molluscs or a place or name
  • Evangelista (disambiguation), a name of many notable people
  • Fashionista (disambiguation), related to fashion
  • Protista, a biological kingdom name for diverse group of eukaryotic microorganisms
  • Sandinista, related to a Nicaraguan political party
  • Stylista, an American fashion-themed reality-television competition
  • Zapatista (disambiguation), a follower of Emiliano Zapata or his ideas
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