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(Theme From) The Monkees

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"Mary, Mary"

Pop rock

February 1967


July 5 and 19, 1966, RCA Victor Studios, Hollywood

Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart

"(Theme from) The Monkees" is a 1966 popular song, written by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart as the theme song for the TV series The Monkees. Two versions were recorded - one for their first album The Monkees and a second shorter version designed to open the television show. Both versions feature vocals by Micky Dolenz. The full length version was released as a single in several countries including Australia, where it became a hit, reaching #8. It also made Billboard Magazine's "Hits of the World" chart in both Mexico and Japan, reaching the Top 20 in Japan and the Top 10 in Mexico. It is still played on many oldies radio stations. An Italian version of the song was featured on a Monkees compilation album. Ray Stevens did a version of the Monkees Theme song on his 1985 album He Thinks He's Ray Stevens featuring a male German group of singers, Wolfgang and Fritzy, that are arguing during the refrain of the song. ("Hey Hey Bist Du Monkees".)

It is based loosely on the Dave Clark Five song (including finger snap intro) "Catch Us If You Can".

A slower version of the theme song - sung by Boyce and Hart - was recorded for an early production of the pilot episode (16mm black and white). This can be found on the Special Features section of the Monkees Season 1 Box DVD set.


A notable line is "We're the young generation, and we've got somethin' to say," reflecting the youth counterculture of the time.


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