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(Evening) Time to Get Away

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10 November 1967


John Lodge

October 1967

Deram Records

Symphonic rock folk rock psychedelic rock pop rock

"(Evening) Time to Get Away" (sometimes referred to as simply "Time to Get Away") is part of a song from The Moody Blues 1967 album Days of Future Passed, a concept album with each song representing a part of the day. It was unlisted on the original album, but it has been listed on many reissues. The composition was written by bassist John Lodge, and is one of two compositions written by Lodge for Days of Future Passed, the other being "Peak Hour." As the title suggests, the lyrics are about ending the work day and returning home. "(Evening) Time to Get Away" is part two of the track "Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)", which also contains the Justin Hayward song "Tuesday Afternoon."

The fifteen-second orchestral prelude to "Nights in White Satin" opens with an excerpt from "(Evening) Time to Get Away."

On the original LP of Days of Future Passed, the entire part two featured all of the band members (except Graeme Edge) on vocals during the bridge. In 1978, the entire album was remixed due to deterioration of the original master tapes. The remix now only features John Lodge singing on the bridge. The original 1967 mix has never been released on CD.

Some classic rock stations still play the entire eight-and-a-half minute "Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)" track.


  • John Lodge: lead vocal, bass guitar
  • Mike Pinder: backing vocal, mellotron, piano
  • Justin Hayward: backing vocal, acoustic guitar
  • Ray Thomas: backing vocal
  • Graeme Edge: backing vocal, drums, percussion
  • Peter Knight and the London Festival Orchestra: orchestral arrangements
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