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(131697) 2001 XH255

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Discovery date
11 December 2001

Minor planet category
TNO4:5 resonance

MPC designation
(131697) 2001 XH255

Observation arc
4110 days (11.25 yr)

(131697) 2001 XH255

Discovered by
Kleyna, J., Sheppard, S. S., Jewitt, D. C.

37.907 AU (5.6708 Tm) (Q)

(131697) 2001 XH255, provisionally known as 2001 XH255, is a trans-Neptunian object (TNO) that has a 4:5 resonance with Neptune.

It will come to perihelion in 2041.

Assuming a generic TNO albedo of 0.09, it is about 100 km in diameter.


According to the Deep Ecliptic Survey and Minor Planet Center, (131697) 2001 XH255 has a 4:5 resonance with Neptune. It comes as close as 32.2 AU from the Sun and has a fairly low orbital eccentricity of 0.07 with an inclination of only 2.86 degrees.

The Neptune 4:5 resonance keeps it more than 7 AU from Neptune over a 14000-year period.

It has been observed 21 times over 5 oppositions and has an orbit quality code of 3.


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