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't Pallieterke

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't Pallieterke is a satirical Flemish weekly magazine. It is part of the Flemish movement and advocates Flemish independence. It is largely conservative in its editing, and although officially non-partisan, it is a close supporter of the far-right party Vlaams Belang.

History and profile

't Pallieterke was founded in 1945 by Bruno De Winter, an Antwerp journalist. The magazine has its headquarters in Antwerp and is published on a weekly basis.

In 1955 De Winter was succeeded by Jan Nuyts as editor-in-chief, whose tenure lasted till 2000. The current editor-in-chief is Leo Custers. Its cartoonists have included Jef Nys and Brasser. Other contributors are or were Gerolf Annemans, Paul Beliƫn and Koenraad Elst.


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