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'Abd Allah ibn Rawahah

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629 AD, Mu'tah

Rawahah ibn Tha'labah

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Zayd ibn Harithah, Ja'far ibn Abi Talib, Hassan ibn Thabit, Khalid ibn al‑Walid, Muadh ibn Jabal

'Abdullah ibn Rawahah ibn Tha'labah (Arabic: عبدالله ابن رواحة‎‎) was one of the companions of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad.


Ibn Rawahah was from the Arabian tribe, the Banu Khazraj. At a time when writing was not a common skill he was a scribe and a poet.

He was one of the twelve representatives of the Ansar who took an oath of allegiance initially, before the Hijra and later spread Islam to Medina. Also he was among the 73 that pledged allegiance to Muhammad in Medina.

He is said to have been alert to the supposed plots of Abd-Allah ibn Ubayy.

'Abd Allah ibn Rawahah was third in command during the Battle of Mu'tah and was subsequently killed during the battle.

He also led his own expedition known as the Expedition of Abdullah ibn Rawaha, where he was sent to assassinate al Yusayr ibn Rizam.


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