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Latin omega, or just omega, is an additional letter of the Latin alphabet, based on the lowercase of the Greek letter omega ⟨ω⟩. It was included as a Latin letter in the Mann and Dalby 1982 revision of the African reference alphabet and has been used as such in some publications in Kulango languages in Côte d'Ivoire in the 1990s. In other Kulango publications the letters V with hook ⟨Ʋ⟩ or Latin upsilon ⟨Ʊ⟩ are found instead.


Latin omega was released in Unicode 8.0. the letter is in the Latin Extended-D block encoded at U+A7B6 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER OMEGA (HTML Ꞷ) and U+A7B7 LATIN SMALL LETTER OMEGA (HTML ꞷ).


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