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Čech (feminine Čechová) is a Czech surname meaning Czech. It was used to distinguish an inhabitant of Bohemia from Slovaks, Moravians and other ethnic groups. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Donovan Cech (born 1974), South African rower
  • Eduard Čech (1893–1960), Czech mathematician whose work focused on projective differential geometry and topology
  • Forefather Čech (antiquity), legendary figure, one of three brothers (Lech, Čech and Rus) who, according to folk mythology, founded regional Slavic nations
  • Kateřina Čechová, Czech athlete
  • Ludwig Czech (1870–1942), Czech-German-Jewish political figure of the interwar period; victim of the Holocaust who died at Theresienstadt concentration camp
  • Marek Čech (Czech footballer) (born 1976), goalkeeper who played in youth clubs from age 8 and professionally as of 1996; with Lokomotiv Moscow since 2008
  • Marek Čech (Slovak footballer) (born 1983), left back/left winger whose playing career dates to 2000; with West Bromwich Albion since 2008
  • Martin Čech (1976–2007), Czech ice hockey defenseman whose career lasted from 1993 until his death in an automobile accident at age 31
  • Petr Čech (born 1982), Czech football goalkeeper who has been playing for domestic and international teams since 1999; with Arsenal F.C as of June 2015
  • Svatopluk Čech (1846–1908), Czech writer, journalist and poet whose late 1880s satirical novels were used as basis for Leoš Janáček's opera The Excursions of Mr. Broucek
  • Thomas Cech (born 1947), American chemist whose research into the transcription of the DNA genetic code into RNA brought him 1989 Nobel Prize
  • Vladimír Čech (1951–2013), Czech voice actor
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