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(Z) 9 Tricosene

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(Z)-9-Tricosene (muscalure) is an insect pheromone used as a pesticide.


Biological functions

(Z)-9-Tricosene is a sex pheromone produced by female house flies (Musca domestica) to attract males. In bees, it is one of the communication pheromones released during the waggle dance.


As a pesticide, (Z)-9-tricosene is used in fly paper and other traps to lure male flies, trap them, and prevent them from reproducing.


(Z)-9-Tricosene is biosynthesized in house flies from nervonic acid. The acid is converted into the acyl-CoA derivative and then reduced to the aldehyde (Z)-15-tetracosenal. Through a decarboxylation reaction, the aldehyde is converted to (Z)-9-tricosene. The process is mediated by a cytochrome P450 enzyme and requires oxygen (O2) and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH).


Products containing (Z)-9-tricosene are considered safe for humans, wildlife, and the environment.


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