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(Benzylideneacetone)iron tricarbonyl

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Appearance  Red solid
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The organometallic compound (benzylideneacetone)iron tricarbonyl is a reagent for transferring the Fe(CO)3 unit to other organic molecules. This red-colored compound is commonly abbreviated (bda)Fe(CO)3. It is prepared by the reaction of Fe2(CO)9 with benzylideneacetone, typically in refluxing diethyl ether. The compound is characterized by IR bands at 2065, 2005, and 1985 cm−1 (cyclohexane solution).

A popular source of Fe(CO)3 is Fe2(CO)9. Alternatively, Fe(CO)3(cyclooctene)2 is highly reactive, the trade-off being that it is thermally sensitive. Imine derivatives of cinnamaldehyde, e.g. C6H5CH=CHC(H)=NC6H5, form conveniently reactive Fe(CO)3 adducts, which have been shown to be superior in some ways to (bda)Fe(CO)3.

(bda)Fe(CO)3 reacts with Lewis bases to give adducts without displacement of the bda.


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