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(9935) 1986 CP1

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Discovered by  H. Debehogne
MPC designation  (9935) 1986 CP1
Observation arc  22351 days (61.19 yr)
Absolute magnitude  13.5
Discoverer  Henri Debehogne
Asteroid group  Asteroid belt
Discovery date  4 February 1986
Alternative names  1977 AE2, 1978 NL1
Discovered  4 February 1986
Orbits  Sun
Discovery site  La Silla Observatory
(9935) 1986 CP1

Minor planet category  main belt, Nohavica family

(9935) 1986 CP1 is a main belt asteroid. It orbits the Sun once every 4.34 years. It is associated with the Nohavica family (originally called the 1982 QG family) of asteroids.

Discovered on February 4, 1986, by Henri Debehogne at the La Silla Observatory, it was given the provisional designation "1986 CP1".


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