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(9918) 1979 MK3

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Discovery date  25 June 1979
Alternative names  1988 CX
Observation arc  22276 days (60.99 yr)
Orbits  Sun
Discovery site  Siding Spring Observatory
MPC designation  (9918) 1979 MK3
Minor planet category  Main Belt asteroid
Discovered  25 June 1979
Asteroid family  Hygiea family
Asteroid group  Asteroid belt
(9918) 1979 MK3

Discovered by  E. F. Helin & S. J. Bus
Discoverers  Schelte J. Bus, Eleanor F. Helin
Similar  4015 Wilson–Harrington, Sun, 52 Europa, 10 Hygiea

(9918) 1979 MK3 is a main belt asteroid. It orbits the Sun once every 5.47 years. It is associated with the Hygiea family of asteroids.

Discovered on June 25, 1979, by Eleanor Helin and Schelte Bus at the Siding Spring Observatory, it was given the provisional designation "1979 MK3".


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