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(95625) 2002 GX32

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Discovery date
8 April 2002

Minor planet category
SDO 3:7 resonance

73.624 AU (11.0140 Tm)

8 April 2002

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MPC designation
(95625) 2002 GX32

Observation arc
1478 days (4.05 yr)

Orbital period
387 years


(95625) 2002 GX32

Discovered by
M. W. Buie, A. B. Jordan, J. L. Elliot

Discovery site
Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory

Minor planet category
Resonant trans-Neptunian object

James L. Elliot, Amy B. Jordan, Marc William Buie

(95625) 2002 GX32, also written as (95625) 2002 GX32, is a trans-Neptunian object that resides in the Kuiper belt. It has a 3:7 resonance with Neptune. It was discovered on April 8, 2002 by Marc W. Buie, Amy B. Jordan, and James L. Elliot.

It came to perihelion in 1997.

Assuming a generic TNO albedo of 0.09, it is about 153 km in diameter.


Simulations by Emel’yanenko and Kiseleva in 2007 show that (95625) 2002 GX32 has a 99% probability of librating in a 3:7 resonance with Neptune.

The Neptune 3:7 mean-motion resonance keeps it more than 11 AU from Neptune over a 14000-year period.

It has been observed 21 times over 4 oppositions and has an orbit quality code of 3.


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